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Hair transplantation basically is the process of extracting the hair follicules from a predetermined area donor area, that is not affected by hair loss, and their transplantation to the area that has suffered hair loss, which is called the receptor area.

Mostly the donor areas are the back of the neck and both sides of the head. The thickness of the hair in your donor area is one of the most important issues for a perfect Hair Transplantation.

Hair Transplantation is a procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and lasts up to 8 hours depending of the number of grafts that are being transplanted. Currently the most advanced and modern technique in Hair Transplantation is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Most common category of Male pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia which is affecting 98% of men who experience hair loss in their lifetime. This usually begins with a receding hair line and can often result in severe hair loss eventually.

The male hormones involved in the mechanism of androgenetic hair loss are called androgens.The best way to solve this problem is Hair Transplantation.

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