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How bald are you? (The Norwood Scale)

The Norwood Scale is a simple visual representation to help you identify your hair loss type and stage. The Norwood 1 hairline and 2 are the earliest stages where hair loss is still minimal. It’s at the Norwood 3 stage that you might want to start considering some treatment. The concept of the Norwood scale is simple, it displays the rate and ways in which hair loss evolves in men.

Stages of Baldness

Displaying a receding hairline is clear sign that you’re about to enter a series of hair loss stages. The process usually starts at the temples and gradually extends to the crown of the head. However, the rate at which you could lose your hair isn’t the same for every man. That said, the Norwood Scale is a useful tool as there is a level of predictability in hair loss patterns. That’s because hair loss is related to hormones and your genetic history. Needless to say that if there are cases of baldness in your family, you might be prone to hair loss.


Please choose the baldness stage that suits your present hair type from the picture and share with us in our form.

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