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HairPro Turkey is a group of healthcare professionals experienced in Hair Transplantation field since 2004. HairPro was founded by Mr. Doga HERGENC, the actual General Manager of the company with the objective of helping international patients to find the healthiest, trustful, most cost effective and comfortable hair transplantation solutions in Turkey.

Doga Hergenc, following his life experience in Austria, Germany and Turkey and with his strong educational background from Austria, wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the Hair Transplantation field in Turkey by focusing on the notions of “trust” and “health”.

After working with many hair transplant centers and dermatologists for more than 10 years, HairPro brought up the “Patient Centered Care” concept in Hair Transplantation, which puts the patient in the center of the whole system and creates the most advantegous packages for the patients.

The health and the concept of “advocacy” in the name of our patients are the priorities of HairPro.

Which means that, HairPro is not a group of healthcare professionals working for/with the clinics, but is a strong structure who is guiding the patients to choose the optimal hair transplantation solutions (quality & costwise) in Turkey and who is on the side of the patients if there are any difficulties along the processes with the Hospitals.

HairPro is a structure that is with the patient at every stage of the Hair Transplantation process. From the second you start your search by contacting us, until you get the required results and your new look.

HairPro Turkey is dedicated to the comfort and wellbeing of the international patients seeking Hair Transplantation solutions.

  • Presenting our patients premium service with the most advantegous package prices,


  • Presenting packages for the outmost comfort of our patients including all possible needs such as 5 star accomodation, VIP transfers and translatation service under the same price,


  • Choosing only the internationally certified and continuous controlled Hospitals where the safety of the patient comes first and not commercial intentions,


  • Providing “Patient Advocacy” Standing side-by-side with our patients in case of any lack of communication between the patient and the hospital or any unexpected complications during any step of your journey in Turkey.


To create a family of healthy, happy and satisfied patients grateful to the “Patient Advocacy” system and “Patient Centered Care” approach brought by HairPro with their new look.

And to enlargen this family with the addition of new hair transplantation technologies developing every day.


To bring the “healthiest”, “most trustful”, “top quality” hair transplantation services to our patients with the “most affordable” package prices.

In addition to this, not leaving our patients alone, but supporting them all along their journey in Turkey with our “Patient Advocacy” system and being by their side in case of any possible difficulties with Turkish Clinics.

We are working passionately to restore the look and the confidence of our guests with a “Patient Centered Care” approach with the highest quality of service.


Let’s start the answer to the question with ‘why Turkey?’ Because in Turkey we can offer you the highest quality service, at the most comfortable Hospital and last but not least for the best price.

Now the answer for why HairPro is simple, because we understand your problem, your concernces and know the solution for more than 10 years and thatswhy you will get the right solution partner to have the tailored service which is going to make you smile again in front of the mirror.

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