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Our medical team is very specialized in Hair Transplantation, with its many years of experience, highest level of professionality and qualification. Our doctors and specialists use the modern FUE technique in Hair Transplantation,  which is the most innovative method that leads to perfect results in Hair Transplantation.

Our dermatologists and surgeons are expertized in Hair Transplantation and their medical teams are very specialized and well known in Hair Transplantation for many years.

Our medical team partners have practiced their profession in several hospitals and clinics in Turkey and only the best ones are chosen for our highly recommended medical team. 

While our doctors are offering HairPro patients the most privileged and highest quality of medical service, our hospital group Medical Park offer our patients the highest standards in medical care and the most comfortable hospital experience.

With a cutting edge technology in medical equipments and high qualified medical stuff, we can transplant up to a maximum number of 7500 grafts in one single session (7-9 hours) of Hair Transplantation (depending on the donor area of our patients) which is an extremly high amount compared to all our competitors.

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